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A range of feel good, uplifting books that focus on positivity and optimism.

Life is full of everyday stresses, and in the digital age, it seems that it is only becoming more and more stressful as technology evolves.

Want a pick me up from all the negativity during these unprecedented times?

My latest release #effinmoments as described by Tim Watson-Munro Criminal Psychologist. - "A lighthearted book that demonstrates that everyday effinmoments are experienced by us all."


We are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety in the community. With this, the idea of a book around #effinmoments was conceived. Demonstrating that we have all had such moments.
Containing in excess of one hundred and thirty #effinmoments, that will leave you resonating with the experience upon every page turn.


Available now, at in excess of 40,000 bookstores and 30,000 libraries, including major online retailers.
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Written and compiled on the amazing Bear Notes App
Catch up with my recent interview below.

The Need To Know For Police Applicants

What the careers advisor at college or high school may have missed

A career in law enforcement is an attractive option in these uncertain times. Job security, excellent opportunities to serve the community, develop professional skills in highly specialised areas, and be a part of a global profession.

Policing has developed into a highly professional career as it tries to keep ahead of those who break the law. Technology facilitated crime, advanced forensics, complex investigation methodology, and enhanced intelligence analysis tools require officers with advanced skills.

With nearly fifteen years of service as an Australian Federal Police officer and several years as an instructor at Police Academies in Australia, Fiji and Malaysia, Bradley shares a wealth of experience that may help you secure your dream of becoming a police officer.

Having served in the AFP Computer Crime Unit in the early nineties, Bradley has served in the AFP/Victoria Police Joint Counter Terrorism Team before specialising in money laundering investigations. He has been seconded to the National Crime Authority and Australian Securities and Investment Commission as an outposted agent.

Additionally, Bradley has investigated crimes in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and the United States and has attended US Department of Justice Seminars in Chicago and South Carolina.

After leaving the AFP to pursue a career in law, Bradley has been a sessional instructor in the Advanced Diploma of Justice and the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Justice and Cyber Security programs at a range of community colleges and universities in Australia.

Combining his experience as a police recruit, police academy instructor, Federal Agent, lawyer and university lecturer in courses relating to policing, Bradley is offering a range of tips based on first-hand experience. It is hoped that by reading this book, you will gain an insight into what is required to give you that competitive edge in your application and throughout your career.

    A Career In Cyber
    Where are the #$*&@!% jobs?

    Time and time again I get asked to mentor students, young adult children of friends or people I meet at cyber events to help them get into the field of cyber.
    They often remind me they see a range of press articles, quotes by higher education facilities and companies claiming that we have a global skill-shortage of cyber professionals, yet they can't seem to get an entry-level position.
    A Career In Cyber will hopefully guide them in a direction that will enhance their opportunities in obtaining a start in the exciting field of cyber.

      Grow Your Brand By Being Social

      Soon to be released in 2022 'Grow Your Brand By Being Social' will be your go-to guide on growing your brand.

        Build It & They Will Come
        Podcasting v. Self Published Author

        The world is suffering screen and video conferencing overload and Zoom fatigue. Podcasts and the opportunity to self-publish your own books are two ways to grow your brand.
        'Build It & They Will Come -Podcasting v. Self Published Author' A guide to help you decide on what is required to host a Podcast, or if being a guest on a range of Podcasts is best suited to you.
        It will also contain the pros and cons of being a self-published author.

        While you are waiting for its release here is a little extra FREE bonus content.

          A Readers Compilation

          If you resonated with some of the effinmoments in the original effinmoments book, then this is for you. We have compiled over 300 of the best effinmoments from around the world.
          Demonstrating to you that, 'we have all had them'

          Submit your effinmoments in the form at the base of this site and we will contact you for permission to use it in #effinmoments2 A Readers Compilation.

          You can choose to use your first name and last initial or be anonymous.

            A Coffee Lovers Journal

            If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed I love a good coffee and sunrise.
            I live by the mantra, 'Carpe Diem', and coffee with a daily sunrise, help me to seize each and every day.
            Coffee, a coffee lovers journal is the perfect coffee table book, where I share great coffee images from New York City, Melbourne, and the east coast of Australia. Throw in a few regional cities and some amazing sunrises and I assure you the aroma of those freshly brewed beans will hit your senses.

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